Couples Therapy at The Intimacy Clinic

People come to couples therapy for a variety of reasons. When initial attraction gives way to the more ordinary, many of us can feel that we lack a blueprint of how to be with another person. Ongoing intimacy can be a challenge; what was initially attractive about our partner can become confusing or irritating. We may be left wondering how we can keep our own identity as well as be part of a couple. Arguments can become amplified by lacking a clear conflict resolution strategy as a pair. Perhaps a life event or change in circumstances has shaken the foundations of the relationship. Deciding to move in together, getting ill or having a child can change how we get along. It may be that trust has been broken by infidelity, or sex has become less and less frequent or is not satisfying. Choosing to be part of a couple takes courage and at times we need support.

Couples therapy can provide a time and safe place with an impartial person for you both to:

  • Change and improve your relationship by talking about your feelings, your behavior and how you relate as a couple
  • Prepare to make a deeper commitment such as marriage or civil partnership
  • Resolve conflict and anger and find a way to deal with the ongoing ups and downs of being with each other
  • Heal old wounds such as the scars of infidelity
  • Explore together how your past may be influencing your relating as a couple
  • Increase intimacy and improve communication
  • Think together about sexual difficulties
  • Deepen your sexual intimacy
  • Learn new skills to support your partnership in the long term
  • Negotiate practical and emotional matters
  • Problem solve; work through difficulties together
  • Build and restore trust
  • Decide to separate in a safe and healthy way
  • Make positive choices that are based on how you both feel

I offer both short and long term couples therapy and am happy to talk with you about what is best for you and your individual circumstances when we meet. Sometimes a few sessions can be enough if you are facing a specific dilemma or are just in need of some focused time together to work things through. For other issues, particularly if you are in crisis and your relationship has deteriorated a longer therapy may be more appropriate to help you think together about the things that are causing you distress.

Psychosexual Therapy with Individuals & Couples

Focused psychosexual therapy can be helpful for an individual or couple who feel that their sexual difficulties are affecting their quality of life in an emotional, psychological or physical way. The aim of this work is to help you, as an individual or couple to feel physically confident, and to support you to safely develop intimate and loving adult attachments, Ultimately to feel at peace with your sexual choices and to enjoy the potential of your chosen relationships.

If you feel that you and your partner would benefit from Couples or Psychosexual Therapy call Sarah Benamer at The Intimacy Clinic on 020 86720515 to make an appointment