Individual Therapy with Sarah Benamer at The Intimacy Clinic

There are many reasons why people seek therapy:

  • There are things in the past that trouble you
  • You are behaving in ways that you are unhappy about and would like to change
  • You feel confused and unhappy with who you are
  • There are things you feel shame about or have not been able to talk about openly
  • Feeling depressed or anxious
  • Feeling unhappy in your body and eating distress
  • Addictions and compulsive behaviour
  • Phobias and obsessions
  • Self harm
  • Feeling overwhelmed and suicidal
  • Your relationship has broken down
  • Feeling Lonely and isolated
  • The impact of physical or sexual abuse and trauma in the past or in your recent life
  • Bereavement, loss and grief

  • Confusion or difficulties around sex and sexuality
  • Panic attacks
  • Sleep problems
  • The impact of prejudice or bullying
  • Problems at work
  • Caring responsibilities

If you decide that this is the right time for you to begin therapy our first session would allow space for us to explore the reasons that you feel you need some support and if we would work well together.

My approach is:


The things that we are talk about are private to you. This is a place for you to talk about whatever is worrying you with an impartial person so that you can think about your feelings.

Attachment based

Our sense of self is informed by our earliest relationships and environment. It can be useful to understand how your early life influences your current way of being in the world, your identity, and your interactions as a lover and partner.


Significant experiences in our past can inform our responses and behaviour in the here and now. Understanding what this means for you can be important if there are things that are upsetting you or that you would like to change.


Therapy can be a safe, confidential place for you to explore your trust in yourself and others. The relationship we build as therapist and client can be supportive in illuminating the world of your relationships past and present.

At The Intimacy clinic my aim is to work with humanity, providing a calm environment where clients can explore issues from the past and the present that are causing distress. I provide confidentiality and support, challenging where necessary to hopefully enable clients to grieve the past, process trauma, and to build confidence in their sense of self and body generally and sexually to have fulfilling and meaningful intimate relationships.

If you feel you would benefit from individual therapy please call 020 86720515 to make an appointment.